Our Clinicians

Our Director of Clinical Services

Counseling Affiliates Director of Clinical Services and principal clinician is Dr. Jack Thaw. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 40 years experience. Trained at the University of Connecticut Dept. of Clinical Psychology and the University of Chicago School of Medicine, Dr. Thaw’s clinical specialties include relationship therapy, anxiety and depressive issues, trauma, stress and anger problems, and helping people overcome adversity and hardship to develop meaningful lives and well being.

Dr. Thaw has authored numerous scientific and professional papers and is the senior author of Developing Responsive Human Services, an internationally praised book on conducting organization change and relationships. He is a former lecturer and visiting assistant professor in clinical and developmental psychology at the University of  Connecticut. He was also a 1981 co-recipient of the prestigious Meltzer Award for Consulting Psychology from the American Psychological Association and was a member of the Governor’s Task Force on Teenage Drinking and Driving. His work has been featured on television and radio in past years.

Most importantly, Dr. Thaw’s dedication to his patients is well known and present and former patients often refer others to him.